Barb’s Best Friends

Just FYI, I was not paid or given any perks to say the following. Bragging on CB businesses is what this blog will be all about. I chose Barb’s Best Friends for a first post because we used her services on June 1-3.

When we last left off, I hadn’t introduced you to my favorite four-legged family member: Howie the 5-pound Maltese puppy-dog. We love him dearly, but he doesn’t exactly have a champion bladder and can’t get into Iowa State football games.

Why is this relevant you ask. Well, because we often need a doggy sitter. At first, when he was a puppy, we would ask friends and family. And who wouldn’t watch to watch a 2 pound fluff ball?

However, even at 4-years-old, Howie is as energetic as ever without the excuse of being a puppy. Read: he’ll wear you down. Oh, and we had a baby a couple years ago. Family and friends want to watch her instead of him now, even though she’s not potty trained. It must be the curls.

I can’t remember how we first heard about Barb’s Best Friends day and extended care. But I do remember how happy I was with her service since day 1. We first used doggy daycare when Rob was working full-time and taking night classes to obtain his teaching certificate while I also worked full-time and took a night class for grad school. We knew Howie couldn’t make it that long without a few potty breaks, not to mention zero interaction, and didn’t want to burden our neighbors or relatives. Since Barb was a fairly small operation at the time, she even offered to pick up Howie in the mornings. Oh how I wish Faith’s daycare offered that service! Anyway, Howie would spend the day bonding with the other dogs (his best friend was a St. Bernard for awhile) and come home (yes, I’m going to say it) dog tired.

It was a no brainer when we went to Chicago on vacation to leave him there for a week, rather than ask someone to look after him. We knew he’d be happiest at Barb’s, roaming free, socializing over ice-cold bacon treats and peeing whenever he wanted.

The first time he stayed overnight, I called to check on him the next morning like any good dog mother. Barb told me he hogged her pillow. Yep, there’s a human on site 24/7 and if it’s Barb, she lets Howie sleep in her bed.  I don’t know if all dogs get this special treatment, but I do know Barb spoils her customers. She’s true to her slogan, “Your Best Friend is My Best Friend.”

Not only is the service two paws up (get used to the cheesiness, folks) but Barb’s Best Friends makes you feel like your dog is more than taken care of, he’s loved. Howie even has his own “Barb’s Best Friends” bag, his bowls come home clean and whenever we call, Barb and her employees sound happy that Howie will be an overnight guest, unlike my mother (no offense, mom).

Howie even made Barb’s Christmas card. (See if you can spot him.) Need I say more?

Actually, I need say more. This is affordable, too. An overnight is just $26 for one dog. It increases accordingly if you have more than one dog. However, she offers discounts for long-term and regular customers, which we are. Day care for a half day (5 hours) is $13 (for one dog) and $20 for a full day for one dog. Her website has more details and more importantly, pictures of dogs at work play.

Other important stuff:

Open Sundays and holidays.
Only requirements are that all dogs over the age of six months be spayed or neutered along with proof of vaccination.
Hours for drop off and pick up are 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Address: 1521 Avenue E
Phone: (712) 256-9644
Fax: (712) 256-0837 (for sending vaccination records)


About councilbluffsiowa

I'm a southwest Iowa girl tired of Council-tucky references. After living in Council Bluffs for 5 years, it's time to show and tell the good that goes on in CB, as experienced by yours truly, a wife, mom of 2 and blogger. Here goes.
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3 Responses to Barb’s Best Friends

  1. Melissa Selk says:

    Awesome! As a dog mom I am always wondering what I would do with Lucy if our 2 overnight back ups can’t help. I always feel bad pawning her off on people that aren’t complete dog lovers and very patient of fat dogs that whine & jump too much. Coming up in July we will have a weekend that Lucy may have no where to go. It’s great to know that Barb is so caring with Howie and there is someone on site overnight if we need her. Great review!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! I still need to meet Lucy. I’m sure Barb would love her 🙂

  3. Kim Ring says:

    I to feel the same way about Barb’s, comforting to know you can go away for a few days and your canine family member is in good hands.

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